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Kenny Everett Thames Season Guide

Thames Season Guide

Since it’s been a long time Thames Seasons has been aired it’s a bit a detective work to find out which Episode belongs which Season. Thames Seasons haven’t been reaired much and the net suffers majority of the Episodes. Here’s guidelines to define Seasons: 

Season 1 Extra 1 
Season 1

According the Best 1 the sets for the first Season looks most likely like this.

Season 2

Set here from Episode 2 (of Season 2) looks like a cubic.

Season 3

Set from Episode 5 (of Season 3) is red and there’s a huge valve kind of thing in the middle of the set.

Season 4

Set from Episode 1 (of Season 4) shows three TV pilars with metalic background.

Created: April 22, 2009. [lastupdated]