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There exists several (VHS) video casettes and one LaserDisc: 

  1. Captain Morgan (Compilation, collection of 80’s classic comedy, incl. Kenny Everett) 
  2. Kremmen the Movie (EMI/Allan Carr Production, 1980) (NEW!)
  3. The Best of the Kenny Everett Show [Vol. 1] (Thames, 1981)
  4. The Best of the Kenny Everett Show, Vol. 2 (Thames, 1982) 
  5. The Best of the Kenny Everett Show, Vol. 3 (Thames, 1982) 
  6. The Kenny Everett: Naughty Joke Box (VideoSpace/Brothers Music, 1981) 78 min (NEW!)
  7. The New Kenny Everett Naughty Video (VideoSpace, 1982) (NEW!)
  8. Video Naughty Bits Kremmen the Movie and Hot Gossip (Castle Vision, 1982) 
  9. The Best Of The Kenny Everett Show (UK PAL 12″ LaserDisc compiled from some of the best of Kenny’s television shows) 112 min. Picture sleeve. 
  10. Kenny Everett’s Naughty Bits! (Thames, 1989) 
  11. More of Kenny Everett’s Naughty Bits! (Thames, 1989) 
  12. Kenny Everett – In the Best Possible Taste (BBC, 1999) 
  13. Kenny Everett: The Complete Naughty Bits DVD (Thames, 2004) 
  14. Kremmen the Movie DVD (Universal Pictures, 2004) 

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There exists at least following books: 

  1. Bananas Forever. Kenny Everett and me by Cleo Rocos and Richard Topping 
  2. Kenny Everett & Me by Cleo Rocos 
  3. The Lee & Kenny Everett Cookery Book (Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd, Oct. 28, 1976, 60 pgs, hardcover without a dustjacket, illustrated) by Kenny Everett and Lee Everett
  4. Kenny Everett Custard Stops at Hatfield. Pirate Radio Autobiography. 
  5. Captain Kremmen and the Krells (1980??) 
  6. TV Times. (Feb. 1980) ITV television programmes. Kenny Everett cover. 
  7. The Kenny Everett Video Show Annual 1980 (hardcover) 
  8. The Kenny Everett Video Show Annual 1981 
  9. Radio Times. Adjust your set – it’s Everett. From Feb. 20 to Feb. 26, 1982 featured BBC television & radio programmes. 
  10. Kenny Everett’s Ultimate Loo Book by Kenny Everett and Simon Booker (1988, 192 pgs, B&W illustrations) 
  11. In the Best Possible Taste: Crazy Life of Kenny Everett by David Lister (Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, July 3, 1997). Paperback. 212 pgs. ISBN: 0747530831. Also Hard Bound version. Everett’s TV show spawned a cast of outrageous characters, including Sid Snot and drag queen Cupid Stunt, and the catchphrase “All in the best possible taste!”. But as a private individual Kenny Everett was a sad and sometimes desperate man with a bizarre and often contradictory life. 
  12. The Incredible Media Quiz Book by Angela Cockerill (Introduction by Kenny Everett) 
  13. Cupid Stunts: The Life and Radio Times of Kenny Everett [Hardcover] By David And Caroline Stafford  (NEW!)
  14. Hello, Darlings!: The Authorized Biography Of Kenny Everett [Hardcover] By James Hogg And Robert Sellers   (NEW!)

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There exists several musical products as well. See also Captain Kremmen music

  1. “The B Side” / “Knees” (Decca F12283, 1965) SINGLE. Credited to Kenny and Cash [from OffShoreEchos
  2. “It’s Been so Long” / “Without Her” (MGM 1421, 14.6.68) SINGLE [from OffShoreEchos 
  3. “Nice Time” / “Now for a Little Train Number” (Deram DM 245, 14.3.69) SINGLE [from OffShoreEchos
  4. “The Edge” (Early 70’s) [from OffShoreEchosSINGLE
  5. “Happy First Birthday from Cuddley Capital” (Warner Bros SAM 20, 1974) SINGLE. Promo for London’s Capital Radio’s first birthday in 1974  [from OffShoreEchos
  6. “Captain Kremmen (Retribution)” / “Retribution” (DJM DJS10810, 1977) SINGLE. Credits to Kenny and Mike Vickers  [from OffShoreEchos] [See also Captain Kremmen records
  7. “A Captain Kremin Special” (Atlantic HALC1, year unknown) SINGLE for Capital Radio “Help a London Child”. 
  8. “The Adventures of Captain Kremmen” / “Conversations with Ken” (Asylum Records HALC2, 1978) A limited 12″ SINGLE for Capital Radio “Help a London Child” [from OffShoreEchos] [See also Captain Kremmen records
  9. “The Worlds Worst Record Show” (Yuk Records / K-Tel NE1023, 1978) A slime green ALBUM.   [from OffShoreEchos
  10. “The Greatest Adventures Yet of Captain Kremmen” (CBS 84761) ALBUM.   [from OffShoreEchos] [See also Captain Kremmen records
  11. “Captain Kremmen the Movie” (EMI EMC 3342, 1980) ALBUM. Soundtrack. [from OffShoreEchos] [See also Captain Kremmen records
  12. Kenny Everett DJ Rock’n’Roll Show. (7up. PBR0017, 1981) 8 tracks. 7up sponsored compilation incl. Beach Boys, Crickets, Little Richard, Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Bill Haley. ALBUM
  13. “Electro People” (BBC RESL 115, 1981, with “If you don’t want my peaches” by Kenny / Young on flip side). SINGLE, Used as a Theme for “The Kenny Everett Television Cassette” 
  14. Helen Chappelle, “Video Love” (WEA K 18740, 1981, with “Are you ready” on flip side)  SINGLE, Used as a Theme for “The Kenny Everett Video Cassette” 
  15. “Snot Rap” (RCA KEN 1, 1983) KENT1 12″ SINGLE, tracks – snot rap & snot rap – your mix, sid snot & cupid stunt on green vinyl, rca records   [from OffShoreEchos
  16. “Snot Rap Part 2” (RCA PB68054, 1983) SINGLE. [from OffShoreEchos
  17. “The Kenny Everett Naughty Joke Box” (Relax Records CBS LAX 101, 1984) ALBUM [from OffShoreEchos
  18. “Kenny Everett at the Beeb” (BBC Radio Collection, year unknown) CASSETTE
  19. “Kenny Everett – not in the Best Possible Taste” (a.k.a. “Kenny Everett’s Naughty Joke Box”) This is The Kenny Everett Naughty Joke Box on Double Cassette (year unknown) CASSETTE

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And here’s the rest of the goodies:

  1. Captain Kremmen View-Master 21 (3 discs?) [PICT]
  2. Kremmen pins (at least 4 different) [PICT]
  3. Kremmen logo (red K with white single wing and black contour) [PICT]

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